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Due to POPULAR DEMAND, CreateCapital has become a 401K, Retirement Account and Portfolio Review Advisory Service.

We are your one stop destination for independent and non-conflicted fee-based analysis. It's like having your own Investment Strategist on the payroll! 

If you want a better understanding of your Portfolio or Retirement Account and the choices you face, please contact me directly to discuss your analysis needs.


You want to be in control of your investments...and you should be.

Your future depends on your success. Success requires fact gathering, analyzing correlations and foreseeing outcomes. That's different from listening to the hype.

Scott Bleier developed CreateCapital as an independent source of realistic advice, to give you the confidence to invest.

Be prepared.



          Comprehensive knowledge of global markets, consumer and historical trends
        Realistic models, constantly updated 
        Independent and truthful reporting 


As a CreateCapital member, you'll get Scott's graphs and charts, annotated to show what's significant. Scott also emails members written updates with his analyses and recommendations so you can make your decisions confidently.


If a little fast action appeals to you, Create Capital has help for you, too, with short-term trading recommendations at our newest blog, 7 DAY TRADES, for CreateCapital subscribers.



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